Verb deduction

How was your bpn de reduction zooplus presentation?
I shouldnt have said that.
You _ be exhausted.I don't like the sound of the engine.She cant be at code promo thema deco gateau home.He must not have been couldnt have past participle when we are certain that something was impossible Martha couldnt have taken your notebook; she wasnt even in class yesterday.Dont put it up there.Daisy: OK, fire away.It should only take about half an hour.They _ bought a house without a loan because they had no savings.Daisy: It could be some kind of exotic fruit juice like papaya or mango.I dont think it's his style.Past Possibility When talking about past possibilities, we can use might have / may code réduction cache cache 2018 have / could have past participle (for positive possibilities) and might not have / may not have past participle (for negative possibilities).I've just taken the car to a mechanic.I said something mean to my best friend during an argument.
It shouldnt have broken down.
Here we have looked at them used for a present deduction.