Reduction print process

Gently peel the card up from one corner, if all looks well, peel the whole card off, and you'll have a great first layer!
But, before you toss that block across the room, here my two preferred ways of dealing with mistakes.Some Helpful Hints: Have students make extra prints: you never know what could happen throughout the printing process.All the white spaces in your picture you should carve out NOW.Printing ink is sticky and really needs a full day to dry.Two-Color Reduction Linocut, the process starts with carving a design into a new lino block and printing the first color on each sheet of paper in the edition.No turning back now.Cut each piece of paper in half and fold each of the halves in half the long way.Check out Alisa Bunbury's conference paper, ".A reduction print is made when an artist creates a multi-colored, layered print using a single print block.Students can print multiple prints on a page like the quilt print above or work with a single image.When you print your first color, only what you carved will be white.Typically, one prints from lightest to darkest color like in the campsite print above.Print 1: First, students draw a design on a piece of linoleum or foam.I chose to have 3 layers cadeau retraite quebec of color, and for your first reduction print this is probably a good number.Make enough because you cant make more later.I'll talk briefly about the history of the process and then I'll lay out the process for making multi-color prints using one of my favorite methods. .For my carving I code reduc kiabi 15 pour 40 carved away everything but a space around the twig, and the bird itself.I have not yet officially signed my prints, but I did make a small logo stamp, which I printed on the back of the card in the lower left hand corner.As you can see in pic 1, I drew the bird, then, wanting only the space around the eye, the branch, and a few feathers to be white, that is ALL I carved out.In former days, it was true of the neighborhood theatres located outside of downtown areas.
Put a drop or two of glue on a piece of a paper and dab a toothpick. .
In the camping print pictured above, I printed the amber color first, followed by the black layer.
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