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Tourists may also find much interesting in visiting Church of Notre-Dame built in 1636 and made in the Doric style, Nivola Cross and Arcade de Boigne.
Just like any city in France, Chambery has the usual "set" of museums.
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Here you will find a house-museum of famous Rousseau, as well as such museums as Musee des Beaux Arts (Fine Arts) and Musee Savoisien (Museum of Savoy).The latter offers the exposition devoted to household objects and primitive paintings that are typical for the medieval Savoy.Chambery prefecture is located in the ducal palace of the XIV century.Rudy Mièze: Le titre?You can re-publish this content with mandatory attribution: direct and active hyperlink.J'en ai vu un du genre l'autre jour avec Leslie Nielsen et un jeune qui se fait piquer par une libellule.Ce film ne me dit rien du tout.Débile mais très drôle.The trip from Paris takes less than 3 hours cadeau a de 5 euros on a beautiful scenic area.Sewing factories have become the basis of the local industry long ago.Nowadays Chambery is a small town, which houses a battalion of French Alpine shooters.Pasta Chiche: Rudy Mièze.Narrow medieval streets of the old town will delight the soul of tourists who adore European architecture.The Holy Chapel, which is built in the gothic style, is the location of a carillon, which is considered the largest one in the Old World (70 bells).Hundreds of tourists come here every Saturday just to hear their lovely chime.Pasta Chiche: Rudy Mièze, je pense que c'était Zeroman.Elephants in the famous fountain located in this town are the main attraction of this place.Pavement made of cobbles and lanterns perfectly complement the architecture of buildings.
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