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"Integrating DevOps tools into a Service Delivery Platform".
ResOps (Research DevOps) edit Research DevOps groups together all the tools and lentilles moins cher bon de reduction techniques used to deliver and support research operations in cloud environments (i.e., data transfer or data storage ).30 The goals of DevOps span the entire delivery pipeline.A b Lyman, Jay.Building a DevOps culture edit DevOps T-shirt worn at a computer conference.For tiles of this weave, click here.Site reliability engineering edit Main article: Site reliability engineering In 2003, Google developed site reliability engineering, a new approach for releasing new features continuously into large-scale high-availability systems while maintaining high-quality end user experience.Jenkins ) and infrastructure as code (e.g."DevOps: A Job Title or a School of Thought?"."Bringing Order to Chaos through Data Center Automation".This is referred to as continuous deployment 45 or continuous delivery 46 and has been associated with the lean startup methodology.Just Enough Documented Information.43 Deployment edit Companies with very frequent releases may require a DevOps awareness or orientation program.DataOps seeks to integrate data engineering, data integration, data quality, data security, and data privacy with operations.Broad Agreement on the Definition of DevOps".23 SciOps (Scientific DevOps) edit Scientific DevOps refers to DevOps practices applied bon de reduction calendrier de l'avent smarties in the context of scientific computing.Towards an Evidence-Based Understanding of Emergence of Architecture through Continuous Refactoring in Agile Software Development.Hammond, Jeffrey (9 September 2011)."DevOps Days 2009 Conference".Toronto conference, Andrew Shafer and Patrick Debois introduced the term in their talk on "Agile Infrastructure".
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"DevOps Must Also Mean OpsDev".
"The Relationship between DevOps and Continuous Delivery".
22 It applies principles from DevOps, Agile Development and the statistical process control, used in lean manufacturing, to improve the cycle time of extracting value from data analytics.