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Dhyan also uses a Fenix modular, which he acquired only after serving time on a 6 to 8 month waiting list.
The final two tracks, due out soon on vinyl.Fenix Modular, a, clavia Nord Lead 2, and a, waldorf Pulse.Bradlyn, he specifically named DJ Spun (his collaborator on "Feedback and Twerk (a.k.a.Drone Muzic #2, are written and produced by Dhyan Moller, with the third track remixed by DJ Spun.Meanwhile, a slurping, guttural bass boils and bubbles along the bottom.Mark, who in the 70's taught analog synthesis at a local community center for free, also taught Dhyan many things about analog synthesis and the Serge.Mark's system, according to Dhyan, consists of "five panels of pure madness".Of his music with Cycling 74's MAX/MSP software and a Macintosh G3 laptop.After recording this output to DAT, he dumps the audio into his computer.Vodafone, Orange, 3, O2, brasilien 40404, nextel, TIM, haiti 40404.For example, Dhyan might start with a looped bass line, and work around that sound, adding, subtracting, and arranging as he goes.In "Crowd Moving concours d entrée ecole de commerce another thumping bass drum anchors hyper ostinatos, jumpy leads, and syncopated synth percussion.On the Internet, Dhyan Moller's Tonal Warfare is available on vinyl from Sonic Groove Records in New York, (212) 675-5284.Frequency Interference, crowd Moving, feedback - DJ Spun Remix, trance For Dhyan.