Promo or demo

promo or demo

One technique is to start with the generic promos, since they're the cheapest.
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There are certain cases where a demo is used like a promo Simply put, consider a promo to be a finished concours educateur de jeune enfants product or final version of a release, while a demo is a rough site gratuit concours infirmier recording.All music gets a listen, but due to the enormous amount of music we receive, we kindly ask for your understanding of us not replying to each submission separately.Still other promos contain a CD only in a plastic wallet without album artwork.Heather McDonald, updated July 10, 2017, a music promo, usually just called a promo, is shorthand for "promotional copy." It is what the name suggests: A copy of an album used for promotional purposes.Promos take a few different forms. .You're more likely to get some kind of response if you don't fling your promo out there and cross your fingers.There are no hard and fast rules as to which kind of promo is best.You won't always be able to find just the right recipient at the label or the magazine you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.But remember that it's only a promo; don't give away every minute of every song for free.Notes: Please submit your best track that represents you and where you are headed musically.Some promos are complete albums with artwork, but with CDs printed with "promo use only not for sale" or some other message to prevent discourage resale.It's only fair to share.
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And promos can simply be self-burned CDs.