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See Also product use test One of several key evaluation steps in the product development process.
See Also punishment Refer to "See Also" column to the right.See Also product line A group of products marketed by an organization to one general market.These are the basic biological drives such as the need for food and air, relief' of pain, bowel and bladder, and other basic physiological processes.Promotional department store A departmentalized store concentrating on apparel that sells a substantial portion of its merchandise in response to frequent promotions.This is usually a staff position, reporting to corporate or division management, with the functional authority needed to coordinate the execution of distribution plans by functional departments so as to provide good customer service at acceptable cost.See Also probe A question or verbal expression made by a salesperson to elicit information from a customer.Almost any sponsor will benefit from having pass-through rights.This manager may report to the marketing manager, advertising manager, or public relations manager.Probabilistic model Refer to "See Also" column to the right.See Also persuasion The changes in consumers' beliefs and attitudes caused by promotion communications.See Also product-market definition The boundaries of a market idee cadeau mere 65 ans are defined by choices of distinct categories along four dimensions: (1) customer functions, or the pattern of benefits being provided to satisfy the needs of customers; (2) technology, which represents the various ways a particular function.Point-of-purchase display On- and off-shelf display material or product stocking generally at the retail level that is used to call special attention to the featured product.Common proofs-of-purchase are labels, boxtops, ingredient listings, etc.See Also programmed merchandise agreement A joint venture in which a specific retailer and supplier develop a comprehensive merchandising plan to market the supplier's product lines programmed merchandising The careful planning and concentration o?The term for tangible products is goods, and it should be used with services to make the tangible/ intangible pair, as subsets of the term product.
First, a particular family of probabilistic models (such as a Poisson process) is selected to represent the behavior of any single individual (for example, the number of product purchases made by the individual).
Within this market there may be submarkets composed of customers with similar patterns of uses or applications for the product.