Prestashop promotion code

If you take 5 off the total price you will see that Total products (tax incl.) is the correct value however the value shown in the discount amount is approximately 20 less than what carte cadeau multi enseignes cache cache it should.
Custom work, in general, it means a work voucher tiket for a certain customer that is designed, carried out specifically for that user.
Features, the Prestashop social promotion addon is very easy to install and configure.
If someone clicks on a shared link, a new page with respective order summary is displayed.I have feeling that it has something to do with the smartly template and the VAT being taken off the discount amount but I just cant find where this is happening!We usually get back to you within 24hours.In a blink of an eye, your poll is there, ready to discover customers mind.Benefits for the eCommerce store concours de recrutement de conseiller principal d'éducation (cpe) admin.But the problem is, is it worth it?And your choice of custom service provider, too.Therefore the discount amount is being altered somewhere else in the code and Iv no idea where?Examples for custom work are a wood table designed and made for you by your request, a copy of a painting with modification according to your likings, etc.Not everyone knows the codes, yes, the main headline of this article is about.Your websites custom order will bring you a result that no other website will have.The store owner can easily enable/disable the order social sharing bar module anytime.It allows customers to share their order summary on social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google, it helps admin to promote store products to the targeted audience and thus helps him to bring more customers to the website.Asking for external help or service is a natural and obvious act in human evolution.The store owner doesnt need any technical help for implementation.The eCommerce store admin can configure the Prestashop social promotion addon as per your theme design without doing changes in the code.
Easy to install and configure, no technical knowledge is required.

And especially if youre a store owner with many other chores to do, that are not less important and complicated, such as managing your products, handling the costs and fees, dealing with shipping services, manufacturers, merchants, etc, customer services, taxes, legal works, hostings,.
Its driving me nuts.