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Both The Rolling Stones' and The Yardbirds' American albums have become canon in the UK, though with the former that's only because abkco - an American company - owns the rights to the pre-1970 Stones catalogue.
Sabathes (Sabta "Sabathens, they are now called by the Greeks Astaborans ".
The more consistent changes included renaming "OJ" and "Big Mac" to "Otis" and "Big Stack and gender swaps for Captain Star and Sunshine.
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28 Its differences versus that of Josephus are shown below: Gomer Cappadocians Ashkenaz Sarmatians Riphath Sauromatians Togarmah Armenians Magog Galatians, Celts Javan Elishah Sicels ( Chron Pasc : Trojans and Phrygians) Tarshish Iberians, Tyrrhenians Kittim Macedonians, Romans, Latins Tubal "Hettali" (?) Meshech Illyrians Misraim Ludim.