Galaxy note 3 dropbox promotion

If so, you are not eligible to redeem the promotion.
This is in addition to the 2 GB of space included with Dropbox Basic accounts, for a total of 50 GB in Dropbox space.
What is the promotion on Samsung devices?
Am I eligible for a Samsung promotion?Some carriers have opted out of promotions on phones otherwise eligible.Offering customers 50GB of free cloud storage seems to be a bit contrary to carriers' desires to limit and tier mobile data use.Your carrier is participating in the promotion.On the plus side, however, it's not as if there are a ton of Samsung Galaxy S III owners running around with 50GB of lifetime cloud storage.AT T devices: Note 4 devices with an AT T carrier are eligible to receive 48 GB for six months.For the top stories in tech, follow us réduction mammaire photos bonnet c on Twitter at @PCMag.If so, verizon will have a hard time denying cadeau original naissance jumeaux us this since they have no authority to do so?Japan: NTT DoCoMo, how can I check if my device is eligible?To redeem the promotion, you need to complete 5 steps in our Get Started guide.You bought your device pre-owned or refurbished, and the previous owner redeemed the promotional deal associated with the device.

Among those not currently participating are the following carriers: United States: Verizon.
Since Dropbox is a application given by Samsung or Google.