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Are McDonald's fried prepared in lard prior to being fried?
Why do you not sell your drive through food in thermal containers?
Could you increase the amount of vegetarian food available by changing your cooking methods?
How much does a small, medium and large fries weigh?Why do you still use intercom on your drive tru, why can't be touch screen to reduce confusion and f Will I be able to use your dive-thrus on a bike, if I have mirrors, stabilisers, a basket, and a tra Will singing into your.What do you mean by 'Halal Certified'?Do McDonald's provide SEM's for English schools?Why should a HGV driver have to travel miles to eat junk food, a better alternative would be an alln Why can't you serve pedestrians at the Drive Thru?How exactly was the halal trial in Southall unsuccessful?Why do you not serve horses and ponies in your drive through?Are McDonald's burgers made in store?What problems are it facing?Why are you redesigning your staff uniforms and will they be completely recyclable?Can you provide information on the McDonald's corporate structure?What type of rennent is used in the whey which is in your hot chocolate?How many meals has been served since McDonald's opening in the UK?When and why did McDonald's stop serving Kenco coffe?Do you have a list of worldwide restaurant locations?It states they are pre fried in a fa Hi, I just saw a video regarding the ingredients used for your French Fries.Are you going prépa concours auxiliaire de puériculture rennes to introduce Halal meet in the near future?When did McDonald's open in my home town of Accrington?
Where do you source the potatoes for your fries?
Will my local restaurant make a burger to my specification?

I have read in various sources that your fries contain beef flavourings.
What time does McDonald's open?
What are the five main departments in operation at McDonald's?