Emergency reduction of paraphimosis

Long-term efficiency of skin stretching and a topical corticoid cream application for unretractable foreskin and phimosis in prepubertal boys.
Previous attempts at reduction by the application of lubricants and ice-packs combined with manual manipulation of the prepuce had failed to reduce the paraphimosis in all cases.
Non-surgical stretching of the foreskin may be used to widen a narrow, non-retractable foreskin.None of these 12 patients returned with recurrent paraphimosis during this study.This is known as physiological phimosis.Dorsal incision is occasionally required.If the glans feels firm and inelastic, with black areas present, penile necrosis should be suspected.Female phimosis is an uncommon and poorly pourcentage remise mercedes recognised condition.The oedematous prepuce (Fig.Treatment often begins with reduction of edema, followed by a variety of options, including mechanical compression, pharmacologic therapy, puncture technique and dorsal slit.During the insertion of a urethral catheter, the foreskin is retracted to prepare and drape the glans penis.4 This occurs when a tight prepuce is retracted and then unable to be replaced as the glans swells.Stephen Zderic; Natalie Platcher; Jennifer Kirk (2008).Patients with paraphimosis often have an indwelling urethral catheter.
The remainder of the penile shaft is flaccid and unremarkable.

7 Balanitis xerotica obliterans may require not just circumcision but dilatation of the urethral meatus or meatoplasty.