Credit voucher meaning in spanish

U finance the money lent by financial organizations to companies, governments, people, etc.: domestic/foreign/international credit The central bank attributed the rise in domestic credit during the period to a rise in private sector credit.
In credit UK banking if a person or their bank account is in credit, there is money in the account : As long as you stay in credit, there will be no charges for normal transactions on your account.Banking, finance to show that money has been added to something such as an account : When dividends are received the shareholder's account will be credited.Thesaurus: synonyms and related words credit verb (PAY thesaurus: synonyms and related words, american.Times, Sunday Times (2008)Members receive free vouchers offering money off certain products as part of a newsletter.To sth The bank mistakenly credited almost 1 million to his account.The Sun (2014)It is easily remedied by simply giving cash instead of vouchers.Read more, voucher must be submitted at time of redemption.Take (the) credit She felt he had taken the credit for her idea.Agricultural borrowers are concerned about credit availability as the farm economy weakens.Deny/refuse sb credit Have you ever been refused credit?The Sun (2015)The bottom line in the majority of cases is that gift cards and vouchers become worthless.Contents, u commerce, finance a method of paying for goods or services at a later time, usually paying interest as well as the original amount : give/extend/offer credit to.S.Times, Sunday Times (2010) Parents then pay the vouchers to the childcare provider instead of cash.The card has no annual fee and users get up to eight weeks' interest-free credit.On credit They've purchased bon de reduction gillette fusion a imprimer all sorts of leisure equipment on credit.Contents credit noun (praise thesaurus: synonyms and related words credit noun (money thesaurus: synonyms and related words credit noun (course unit).The Sun (2016)Voucher must be presented at the time of purchase.Credit sth with 10/1000, etc.The Sun (2016)Other changes include guaranteeing that passengers are repaid in cash rather than vouchers and being able to claim for losses caused by missed train connections.WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Compound Forms: gift voucher (gift token) vale, cupón ( voz inglesa ) voucher, his only present was a gift voucher worth.Banks are reluctant to extend credit to the troubled nation.
U finance the amount of risk when lending money to a particular person or organization, based on how likely they are to pay it back: weak/poor/bad credit Too many mortgages had been granted to home buyers with weak credit.