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Figure.4: The Reader calibration panel.
Median 1: for robust linear fit, 1: for robust (iterative) polynomial fit.
Statistic: Statistical estimator, 'wgtmed 'median 'mean 'rms or 'quartile'.
'wgtmed' is the weighted median of the values as opposed to 'median' which is the median of the weighted values.If the entire problem can be completed within one concours de facteur la poste 2018 pass, the output file name will just be 'ts'.Copy the script and data for the bima NGC 4826 tutorial.Baseline fit: Method of post-bandpass residual spectral baseline removal: -1: for no post-bandpass fit, 0: for constant offset (i.e.0: No beam weighting.If you are interested, more scripts and data can be found.The casa linux tarball can be installed on inspecteur des douanes concours most flavors of linux.The following command will list all SDF (processed) cdroms you need to make cube H035: -t SDF -c 035 The script goes through all size files and lists the required cdroms, which in this case, are 68, 71, 156, 157, 160, 161, 166, 196, 280.Auto-Queue: Automatically check for new files which may appear in the input directory and add them to the processing queue.Integrations to average: Number of 5 second scans to use in time averaging.Beam fwhm: fwhm in arcmin of the smoothing kernel.Click and drag in the profile window according to the area you want zoomed.
Rescale frequency axis: The Doppler shift may be applied in either of two ways: T: predominantly by scaling the frequency axis parameters but also by shifting the spectrum (via FFT) by a fraction of a channel so that the new reference frequency is an integer.
Frequency smoothing: None or Hanning.