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Establishing a Frozen Foods Brand in the 1980s.
Pr oducts were then given a four-month period to cheque best cadeau liberté prove themselves.1979: Headquarters are moved to Nemours.1980: The Picard frozen foods brand is launched.The grou p's choice of new target markets was dictated by the reasoning that t hese were popular vacation destinations for its Parisian consumer bas e, providing a ready-made consumer base for the brand.The site housed a new state-of-the-art warehou se facility, as well as a packaging plant and a small quality laborat ory.The growth of a leisure industry also enco uraged the growth of a convenience foods industry, enabling consumers to spend less time in the kitchen.The opening of this site perm itted the company to take control of its supply and transport require ments and backed Picard's first growth phase.Despite the change in ownership, the Decelle brothers remained at the head of the company and continued to lead Picard as an independent o peration.Pi card hoped to build on this position, establishing its brand on an in ternational scale into the new century.As it continued its expansion, the Decelles decided to open up the co mpany's capital to outside investors.The frozen food revoluti on-which allowed the nutrients and flavors in foods to be preserved far longer than was the case with fresh foods-was slow in reaching F rance, however, where freezers, and even refrigerators, remained rari ties through the first half of the century.In 1991, the company sold a 10 percent stake to French hypermarket giant Carrefour.Meanwhile, restaurants and cafes installed dedicated refrigeration and freezer capacity.Over the next decade, the company continued to add to its catalog, and by the beginning of the 1970s, the company handled more than 300 frozen food items.The Font ainebleau-based company operates as both a manufacturer and a distrib utor, with a network of more than 500 retail stores throughout most o f France.Meeting facilities are available for a family dinner or seminar away from the city.Unlike pr omotional items at other retailers, however, which tended toward unso ld and de-stocked items, Picard's promotions featured only ongoing it ems normally available at its shops.Principal Competitors: Carrefour.A.; Etablissements.
In 1962, the company changed its name to Etablis sements Picard.
Picard quickly built up a range of some 400 frozen food items.